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Money Methods

Our Board

Barry Odell

Fairly Group

Dr. David McNeir

Amarillo General Surgeon


Happy to Help Cycling Event

MTK 5K/10K                         

Our Vision

Dr. Brian Sims

Amarillo Bond and Joint

Brandy Sanchez

Vice President and General Manager KAMR


We have the flexibility to help in almost any situation.  We look at every situation on an individual basis and view it as an opportunity.                        

Levi Knebusch

Executive Director

Father of Madison T. Knebusch

Shannon Knebusch

Mother of Madison T. Knebusch


The MTK Foundation has been blessed to be supported by many local businesses here in Amarillo.                       

Adam Gray

Minister Central Church of Christ

It is our mission to care for, support, and aid, children suffering from pediatric cancer and their families.  Many times this is financial, but other times its service, information and/or counselling.  

Cinna Splawn

‚ÄčAmarillo Independent School District

Kathy Lovett


Amarillo Independent School District

Our Strength

Dr. Rebecca Scott

Amarillo Children's Clinic


We have walked this journey in just about every way imaginable as parents, friends, care takers, and family.  We have been there.