The MTK Foundation is adding a new dynamic to our list of services and things we support.  While helping children and families afflicted with this disease will always be at the center of our foundation, we recognize  that the end game is finding a cure.  We are currently reviewing several opportunities to fund research that is directly involved in finding a cure for pediatric cancers.  We also understand that cancer presents itself in many different forms and we will endeavor to give research grants to as many different studies as funding allows.

Most people do not know that pediatric cancer research accounts for less than 3% of all federal funding for cancer which means that the vast majority of current research is carried on the shoulders of those who donate to non-profits like the MTK Foundation and others.  To help alleviate some of this, we support federal legislation that focuses on increasing these amounts and putting the importance of saving the lives of our children, where it should be.  We will be taking an active role in helping to push legislation like the STAR Act ( which is garnishing almost unanimous support in congress.  These and other legislative undertakings are geared to directly take on pediatric cancer and hopefully lay the ground work for cures.