Cancer is, and will continue to be, an extremely expensive condition which our children did not ask for.  For many people, cancer can mean financial ruin.  Families with insurance might not have to pay the expenses of chemotherapies and radiation treatments, but the rising cost of deductibles and travel can be overwhelming.  Sometimes, even the best insurance policies can refuse procedures that are outside the scope of what they are willing to pay for.  At the MTK Foundation, we understand this, and we have organized our foundation in a way that allows for maximum flexibility in regards to financial aid.  Our by-laws DO NOT limit us as to what we can pay for or to whom we give it to.  Not everyone's situation is the same and we are extremely compassionate toward this and we look at every case on its own merits.  

Sometimes however, assistance is not monetary.  Many times, the chaotic nature of a cancer diagnosis reaches beyond money and puts families and parents in a place of not knowing what to do or what to expect.

We have seen just about everything and we are able to help you understand some of the things that will undoubtedly be taking place during your child's battle with this disease.  Understanding your new life during this time is extremely important to maintain balance within the family when balance is exactly what will not happen.  The MTK Foundation is able to help with first hand knowledge and experience which is usually the most important thing.  

We can provide a resource list of all local services, and charities, that can aid you during this time.  This list also includes national organizations that stand at the ready.  NOBODY walks in this alone, and the MTK Foundation is here to help in any way we can.  Please contact us with any question.